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About Us

The S BAR S ARENA is a family run business that became a reality in 1996. Shelley and Mike Schaefer and their three sons, Scott, Brad and Brian put on Youth Rodeos, Open Rodeos and Team Ropings during the fall, winter and spring months. The boys are in charge of the timed event cattle when they are not competing in the rodeos. Shelley takes care of the entries, advertising and all of the other facets of a business. 

Even though there are a few summer rodeos, they basically start in the fall and run through the winter and spring. Today we are very proud of our youth contestants and think we have some of the best competitors in the Nation. We also host the Turn N Burn Barrel Racing Series. Most of the races are now held in Lincoln NE at the Lancaster Event Center.  We also host races at various locations.

Shelley Schaefer has always been involved with horses and rodeos. She began barrel racing in Little Britches rodeos when she was younger and this evolved into the URA and IPRA rodeos across the country. She and her good horse Bud traveled extensively when the boys were young. Although she took them with her most of the time, she began to realize that as the boys grew older that they needed someplace that they could compete. Something more on a kids level. Since there really wasn't any youth rodeos around this area, they decided instead of traveling so far, why not bring the rodeo home. Thus began the Young Maverick Rodeos. From this evolved the Team Ropings and Barrel Racings. 

Shelley Schaefer and Big Bud 1994

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